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Chef David gourmet Chicken Dust produces a wonderful flavor getting rid of the need for dry chicken rub

Chicken Breast – Moist and Delicious

5 of 5 22 Minutes 4 Breasts

These delicious chicken breasts come out moist and delicious every time. Using Chef David Gourmet Chicken Dust makes this dish one of the easiest recipes available. Don’t let the ease...

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0 of 5 10 Minutes 4 Burgers

Our hamburger meat has not been frozen so we should be able to use it as is without any special concerns. Hoever, if you are using hamburger meat that was...

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Champagne Truffles

Champagne Truffles

0 of 5 20 Minutes 12 Truffles

Champagne truffles are a great sweet, creamy little treat that can be made at home easily with just a few ingredients and a bit of patience. They are delicate enough...

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Pulled Pork with Butternut Squash and Apples

Pulled Pork with Butternut Squash and Apples

0 of 5 90 Minutes 3 lbs

This recipe is a 'one pot' meal, but you can add rolls or bread to make it a very hearty dish.

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What Makes Grass-Fed Beef Farms Different

Old Way – Best Way

There was a time when grass-fed beef farms were a way of life. All cattle were raised grazing in natural pastures on large ranches and sold to meat packing companies for processing. Then in the 1950s things changed and cattle were taken to large enclosed lots where they were fed enhanced grain to fatten them up for processing. Between 1950 and 1980 virtually every source of cattle came from these lots. The change from grazing to feed lots came in the 1950s and seemed to be the answer to all possible reasons for shortages in the beef industry. It effectively neutralized problems with the weather and poor grazing areas while stabilizing the prices and markets for many grains. Unfortunately, nutritionists are questioning the value of this switch and its effect on the consumer’s health.

Grass Fed to Feed Lots

When cattle were shifted from pasture to feeding lots certain nutrients that are commonly associated with overall good health began progressively diminishing from the meat that came from cattle. Omega 3 fatty acids, an element associated with heart and brain health has become significantly lessened overall. CLA, a effective cancer fighting element found in meat products has also dropped. The omega 3 fatty acids produced from the grasses are good for every aspect of your body. They help your heart, your blood pressure and above all else your mind. With ample amounts of omega 3 in your system you are less apt to have heart attacks, high blood pressure or any number of neurological issues that are common place today. When calves are left with their mothers for a minimum of eight months after birth they stand a better chance of acquiring the proper body frame. They can then be finished correctly and put on the proper marbling of fat. Finishing is the process of putting weight on the animal prior to processing. When the animals are finished in the feed lots they layer on fat rather than marbling their meat.

More Investment – Higher Price

It is an investment to decide to pasture graze your cattle. You have to be committed to devoting at least two years to your first herd of cattle you raise for sale. There are nearly two thousand farmers and ranchers on the American continent that have decided that it is better to spend the time and effort to create a better, healthier product for the market. This is the major reason why grass fed beef products are more expensive.

Environment for Cattle Important

Animals kept in the feeding lots are under constant stress. The overcrowding and unsanitary conditions are just the beginning of the problems. Many cattle become ill from eating the grains and the additives that are put in them. Anti-biotics are added to counter the problems inherent to the lots and the amounts must increase as the tolerance rises in the animals. These medications are passed to people who also get a raised tolerance to the medications through consumption of the meat. The people who own grass-fed beef farms cannot be called organic farmers. They are a cut above the organic classification. These farmers use absolutely no commercial feeds for their cattle. They create the best environment for the cattle that can be created to ensure that the best product can be expected when you purchase their beef.

Understanding Basic Grilling Safety Tips

A barbeque pork recipe can be one of the most difficult things to perfect. It isn’t just time spent working on the flavors, or figuring how hot for how long-it’s also trying to master the different subtle ways that wood, sauce, meat and presentation can work together to make a mind-blowing bbq pork recipe. Naturally, the most important part of barbeque is the meat. Different meats bring different things to the table-beef tastes rich and full, deer tastes a little wild and pork is…indescribable. One of the hardest things to decide is whether you want to focus on a certain cut of meat or learn the niceties of several. Grilling safety is, or at least should be, a vital step in having a fun and safe summer meal outdoors.

Safely grilling involves multiple points of awareness, but the first and main safety concern for grilling safety should be fire safety. Fire safety while grilling can be accomplished much in the same way as cooking safely within the home. Just as one would not leave a hot stove top on, or leave food cooking on the stove or in the oven without supervision, so too should a person who is grilling food outside remain with the food at all times while it is being cooked. A fire extinguisher should be on hand at all times to put out any flames that get out of hand, just like there is a fire extinguisher in most kitchens for this same precaution. But not all fire safety precautions from the kitchen can simply be carried over to the outside grill without additional fire safety measures.

Then there comes the hard part. Granted, it takes a long time and a lot of work to finally get the meat to where it is perfect. But then what do you do? With barbeque, cooking the meat isn’t even half the battle. That’s where the real work starts. Discovering the perfect balance of ingredients for sauce-regardless of what the ingredients are-is what takes the most time in perfecting barbeque. Whether you cook it in a pit for the day or throw the cut on the grill in your back yard the meat right, seasoning, like having a wondrous dry rub or Chef David’s Gourmet Pork Dust, is what will make your cooking stand out from all the rest.

Charcoal grills operate by lighting and heating a grill by lighting charcoal briquettes. These briquettes can get very hot and one of the main dangers is trying to douse already lit charcoal with lighter fluid. When most people start looking to take their barbeque to the next level, one of the first things they do is to go to the store, pick their favorite meat and a good sauce. Most people try to enhance the overall flavor of their meat once they’ve gotten it to the point they want it to be, and this is probably one of the best approaches to take. Chef David Gourmet Pork Dust is one of the very finest ways to improve bbq pork. Remembering fire safety while manning a gas grill is equally as important as when a person is using a charcoal grill. Gas fueled grills will require a person to be knowledgeable about how to use their gas canister or tank, how to operate the controls of the grill, and how to clear the lines of any clogs should something become lodged in the gas lines. By remembering safety at all times while grilling this summer, a family can enjoy their summer fun even after the activities of the day end and the food gets cooking.