History of Dust

Chef David was looking for a dry chicken rub all over the Internet and could not find a decent one. Some were ok and some were even good, but none really grabbed him and said “Here I am!”.

So, Chef David began developing his own. He had a fairly in depth knowledge of cooking which he put to use. He began experimenting for the right combinations to make his rub just right. Once he got a pretty good dry chicken rub he began trying it out on his family and friends. He refined his recipe and kept looking for that perfect marriage of spices and herbs that would ‘grab him’. He finally came up with a spice mix that had people saying some really good things. However, he still was not completely satisfied. He began looking at each of his ingredients and doing more research. He came to the conclusion that only premium spices would work and these had to come from reliable, consistent suppliers. When he had everything together he realized that the best way to use his new recipe was to ‘dust’ the meat with it and not rub it in. That was the first Chef David Gourmet Dust and it did ‘grab’ him, his family, his friends and just about everyone who tried his new dust.

Next Chef David took a look at developing a similar dust for pork. It had to be very different in ingredients, but it still had to have that WOW factor. He took his knowledge of spice providers and testing methods and set about getting his Gourmet Pork dust instead of using a dry pork rub. Yep, you guessed it! It took a couple of years, but he did it.

He was quite happy with his dusts when one day a friend of his was complaining that the burgers he made at home were just lacking something that he had found at restaurants. He wanted a really good home made burger. Chef David told him the problem was not his cooking skills, he lacked the correct spice mix.

Chef David took a while, but he developed another Gourmet Dust for hamburgers. He told his friend to put away the hamburger spice mix he was using and try Chef David’s Gourmet Hamburger Dust. He came back to Chef David a couple of weeks later with a long face. His friend told him it did not match the restaurant quality. Chef David was surprised and asked what was lacking. His firend immediately brightened up and said “Nothing! It outmatches the restaurant flavor by far.” So Chef David had done it again.

These are the Chef David Gourmet Dusts offered on this Web site. You too will be “Grabbed” by them.

Now Chef David is working on a Gourmet Dust for fish, a Gourmet Dust for Turkey and poultry and he is even developing a Gourmet Dust for fajitas.

May Chef David continue to do his magic and we will continue to reap the benefits!

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