How to Use Chef David Gourmet Chicken Dust

I have been asked a number of times as to how to use the Chef David Gourmet Chicken Dust. Well let me start by saying once you get the Gourmet Chicken Dust you can give up that old dry chicken rub. The old rubs are just not that good anymore. Start using Chef David Gourmet Chicken Dust and see how much better your chicken dishes are!

Chicken Has a Subtle Flavor

Chicken has a very subtle flavor that can be run over by heavy handed dry rubs. Chef David Gourmet Chicken Dust on the other hand enhances the taste of the chicken without completely overwhelming it.

Step by Step Use

It is also very easy yo use Chef David Dust. When putting the dust on chicken just follow these steps.

  1. Pat dry the meat
  2. Cover meat with a light coating of olive oil. This will enhance the finished look of the chicken while also giving it a slight crust
  3. Dust all sides of the chicken (if dusting a whole chicken dust the inside as well)
  4. If you feel the chicken dust will fall off the meat while turning it over you can press the dust into the meat
  5. Once dusted all over wait 10 minutes – this allows the dust to begin melting into the chicken
  6. Congratulations! You can now cook the chicken as you wish and enjoy some great tasting chicken.

When you use Chef David Gourmet Chicken Dust you will get a better tasting dish than you have had in the past. This lets even a novice cook prepare stunning meals. Look in our recipe section for recipes using Chicken dust.

What About Picnics?

One more item I didn’t want to pass up. Cold chicken tastes fantastic when Chicken Dust has been used. Cold chicken is great for picnics, late night snacks or even lunch the new day after having a chicken dinner. You will be amazed at how good cold chicken can be.


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