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Make your chicken dishes ‘pop’ with this fresh wonderful tasting Chef David Gourmet Chicken Dust. Made with only hand blended select premium spices, this Gourmet Dust will add so much so easily to your favorite dishes.

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Finally a premium gourmet spice bland that does not mask or overpower the flavor of the chicken. Chicken flavor is enhanced and extended for some of the best chicken meals you will have. Chef David Gourmet Chick Dust is so easy to use, but the results will amaze you. Just liberally dust your chicken with this Gourmet Chicken Dust, wait ten minutes then cook as you normally would. Your family will be more than pleased when you start using Chef David Gourmet Chicken Dust.

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Weight 4.6 oz
Dimensions 2.5 x 2.5 x 2 in


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