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In Florida, CFEF’s local education foundation members collectively represent 99% of 2.8 million K-12 students.

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CFEF members elect officers and five members-at-large from among all voting members to serve on an Executive Committee. These peer leaders work with the president and staff to govern the organization and direct the activities of the Consortium on behalf of all member foundations, bringing opportunities and issues to the full membership at quarterly meetings.

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Florida’s K-12 local education foundations invest in students, teachers and classrooms to fund opportunities and support beyond what tax dollars provide. They serve 99% of our state’s 2.8 million students with a variety of initiatives to enhance education, help students, support teachers and drive innovation.

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State Funds Provide $1 for $1 Match Incentive for Charitable Giving to Increase Student Achievement in Florida

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Since 2006, more than 13.3 million students have been impacted, including nearly 4 million low-performing students.

64 School Districts participated in 2017-18.  For the 2018-19 school year, $4 million has been allocated by the Florida Legislature.

Since 2001, more than $46.5 million in total funds have been invested (state and private).

More than 1,200 business and community leaders serve as volunteer leaders of local education foundations.

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Business and philanthropic organizations often partner with the CFEF to develop and implement projects in a strategic, turn-key manner with CFEF staff facilitating the relationship, providing accountability and recognizing the donor on a statewide level as well as on the local level through the greypner Cylinder and Kolbeneingeschliffen 1897.10.

Join with others to fund a classroom project now. A few dollars can make a big difference for a motivated teacher with a great idea!

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Support Education Specialty License Plate Program

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The Support Education license plate provides support for students and teachers in each county when the tag is purchased or renewed!  You can provide a license to learn for your local students and become part of Florida's driving force for public education when you choose the Support Education tag.

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Foundations for Excellence -- Quality Standards

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Florida's local education foundations have developed performance standards in six key areas ensuring a strong foundation that is sustainable beyond leadership and program changes.  CFEF members can choose to go through a self-assessment and peer review process with a goal of strengthening their individual foundation.

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Greater Than Games Sentinel of The Multiverse Shattered Timelines & Wrath of The Consortium of Florida Education Foundations advances K-12 public education in Florida by increasing the capacity and resources of member local education foundations in partnership with key stakeholders.
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